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Semilla de Vid

1. Poet 3:11
2. The grapevine seed 4:32
3. The ant 4:57
4. Hope 3:34
5. Romanza 3:33
6. Three sisters 5:55
7. Love, War and Lie 5:59
8. Fast the Youth leaves 4:09
9. A wish for my friends 2:01
10. We’ll still meet each other 3:50

Bulat Okudzhava
Poet, Writer, Scriptwriter.
Father of the movement ‘Bard’.


Bulat Shalvovich Okudzhava born on May,9th 1924 in Moscow. His father, a high Communist Party member from Georgia, was arrested during the Great Purge by Stalin and executed in 1937 as a German spy. His mother, one Armenian, spent 18 years in a gulag (1937-1955) as the "wife of a traitor of the Motherland". Bulat spent these years living at his grandmother's house in Tbilisi and before this he was living in Moscow and Nizhnig Tagil.

At the age of 17, in 1941, he abandoned his studies and volunteered for the Red Army in World War II. First, he was in the service of mortars and he was wounded; then, just in front again, he served with communications.

After the war, he started to work besides carrying on with his studies. Okudzhava graduated from the Tbilisi State University Philological Department in 1950 and was sent to Kaluzhsk, to the local school, to teach russian Language and Literature. Soon after, he was a correspondent and literary commentator at the publishing company of the regional newspaper The Young Leninist of Caluga.

Okudzhava returned to Moscow in 1956 and lived in the heart of the city, in the Arbat. Soon he was employed as an editor at the publishers The Young Guardian and a little bit later he became director of the Literature section at the publishing company Literary Newspaper. He left this work in 1961 to start writing, independently and in whole.

He was a member of Authors Society since 1962 and at that time initiated the russian bard movement –singers of guitar poetry who would forever elude official control, and whose intimate songs distributed by modern tape technology opened a space for free discourse in Soviet society–, when he decided to start singing his poems while playing the guitar.

Bulat Okudzhava died, after a short but serious illness, in June,12 1997 in Paris and was buried in Vagan'kovo Cemetery in Moscow.

He was married to Olga Valdimirovna Arcimovich, who was a physicist, and with her had a son, Bulat Bulatovich Okudzhava, a musician and composer.

Poems and songs

Okudzhava started to write poems when he was just a child. But the first ones were published in 1945; they are poems influenced by his background with war. In all, he wrote over eight hundred, two hundred of them were songs.

He began his activity as a singer-songwriter during the war. He was one of the first authors –composer and performer of his own songs– which was well-known. He sung first for friends who made homemade recordings, copied and recopied again; the songs eventually reached an underground audience of millions across the Soviet Union before being officially recognized and distributed. His songs started to sound in many movies, plays and concerts, in radio and television. He became the voice of the postwar soviet generation.

The first release of one of these albums was, in spite of russian government disapproval, in 1968 and in Paris. Only years later his records could be distributed throughout the whole country once known as USSR.

Nowadays, the Moscow National Literary Museum holds, amongst other possessions, about 280 tapes of Okudzhava.


At the beginning of the 60’s, Okudzhava started to write in prose too. But his stories –some of them, historical and autobiographic– only could be issued, in Soviet Union and until 1980, by samisdat –a personal, homemade process of edition– or by importing them from abroad.


He wrote a play, A swig of freedom, although both his prose and his poems and songs were a frequent inspiration to make theatrical productions and spoken theatre performances.

Cinema and Television

More than seventy songs wrote by Okudzhava were used on about fifty movies; the music of about forty of those songs were also composed by him. Sometimes, he even performed on films.


More than one hundred articles were wrote and published by Okudzhava and more than a thousand journalistic works and studies have been wrote about him.

In the foreign land

Okudzhava played concerts in Australia, Austria, Bulgaria, United Kingdom, Hungary, Israel, Spain, Italy, Canada, Poland, USA, Finland, France, Germany, Switzerland, Yugoslavia and Japan. And his works have been translated into several languages and published all over the world.

List of CD:
List of his work:

Elena Orlowa

Born in Grigoriopol, Moldova.

In 1980 she moved to West Germany. Since 1997 she spends short periods living in La Palma, Canaries. It’s here where her interest in the great russian singer-songwriter Bulat Okudzhava got bigger.

Impulsed by the tragic news about Okudzhava passing away, she started a personal study into the works of the poet, which drove her to conceive and develop the present musical release. This is the reflection of the real admiration that she feels about the music and the poetry of Okudzhava, music and poetry full of deep and silent love, a reachable wisdom due to his sincere simplicity, a marked humility and a moving wish –work and life of an extraordinary man.


Pier-Luigi Bernard

Born in Torino, Italy.

He began his clarinet studies at the age of 6, attending Conservatorio A. Peri in Reggio-Emilia, the Conservatorio di Musica G. Verdi and Liceo Artistico Statale –both in Torino–, and Guildhall School of Music and Drama in London.

He studied with great virtuosi masters of the clarinet like Jack Brymer, Anthony Pay, Alan Hacker, Andrew Mariner, Thea King and Thomas Friedel.

Invited to participate in the most important festival and concert seasons of Italy, he has also been the principal clarinettist of the Guidhall Simphony Orchestra and member of the Guidhall Wind Ensemble. Likewise, he has worked with renowned conductors and soloists such as Bernstein, Tilson-Thomas, Vasary, Tuckwell, Guilini, Campanell, Oren o Zanettovich.

In 1996, he recorded Introducción, Tema y Variaciones de Rossini and in 1999, Preludio y Danza. Op.13 de Astor Piazzolla, both as a soloist and together with Garajonay Chamber Orchestra.

Since 1994, Pier Luigi Bernard is a principal clarinet of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife.

Tara Bouman

Born in Leiden, The Netherlands.

Clarinettist Tara Bouman started her career playing mainly contemporary music, which then took her to the field of improvisation, where her main focus lies now.

She founded with trumpeter Markus Stockhausen the duo Moving Sounds and she plays regularly in duo with percussionist Stephan Froleyks. Together with storyteller Regina Sommer she created programmes with text and music, a.o. about the legendary King Arthur. Other musical partners are: pianist Fabrizio Ottaviucci, double bass player Stefano Scodanibbio and percussionist Mark Nauseef.

As a soloist and chamber musician she has performed in many international venues - throughout Europe, in Mexico, Russia, and in the United States.

Double Bass

José Carlos Machado

Born in Tenerife, Spain.

He studied first at Centro de Estudios Musicales and Conservatorio Superior de Música, both in S/C de Tenerife, and then attended the Taller de Musics in Barcelona.

He started his career when he was 18, playing, from then on, in several groups of rock, pop and jazz.

At the present he is a Harmony professor of Modern Music at Escuela Guillermo González in La Laguna, and a Double Bass professor at Conservatorio Superior de Música in S/C de Tenerife.

He has released four records, three of them by himself —Azul Marina in 1996, Ropa vieja in 2000 y Reflexiones in 2005—, and another one in collaboration —Machado-Gueblón Experience in 2004—.

He has worked as an accompanist in over 150 recordings with artists and groups of different musical tendencies.


Markus Stockhausen

Born in Cologne, Germany.

Markus Stockhausen lives near Cologne as a free-lance musician. He gives concerts mainly with his own music and composes concert and film music. Together with visual artist Rolf Zavelberg he established a monthly series with intuitive music in Cologne.

He plays in the duo Moving Sounds with his wife, clarinettist Tara Bouman, as well as with musicians like Arild Andersen, Patrice Héral, Ferenc Snétberger, Angelo Comisso, Christian Thomé, Fabrizio Ottaviucci and Mark Nauseef.

Markus Stockhausen has released more than 50 CDs.

Guitar & Lute

Charly Daicz

Born in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

He studied with some important guitarists attending seminars and courses, and taking classes with Anel Paz, Marcelo Betoni, Luis Salinas and Pino Marrone, all of them graduated from Berklee College of Music and Guitar Institute of Technology .

As a musician he has participated in several concerts and recordings, not only as a player but as a composer and an arranger too.

He has released two CD of argentinean folk music in collaboration with Yayo Cáceres and two other CD’s of rock music with the group Déjà Vu.

He has dedicated the last few years to flamenco guitar lessons with Elías Esper and as a result of a personal project of investigation has also been dedicated to study in depth the lute and Iranian sitar where he integrates some different tendencies of eastern and western knowledge.


Angelika Profeta

Born in Sttutgart, Germany.

During her childhood and teenage years, she received lessons first of piano and then also of guitar and percussion. In 1997, while living on the island of La Palma, an old paraguayan harp fell into her hands. As a result of this, she decided to go back to her musical studies and learn to play this instrument.

She recorded and produced two CD’s: Huellas del sonido, las memorias de un arpa –with this work she played concerts all over Germany–, and Felicia –in this album she also recovered some forgotten carols–.

She is a member of a South American folk group and also plays as an accompanist with local singers. She is currently working on the composition of some arabic songs and preparing a new recording.


José Pedro Pérez

Born in S/C de Tenerife, Spain.

Unprejudiced musician, a member of several important ensembles, capable of integrating traditional music and new tendencies, he has worked in numerous recordings and in various theatre plays, ballets and movies.

As a professor, he has taught many classes and seminars at universities, conservatories, high schools... And as an accompanist, he has taken part in a variety of musical events all over Spain, La Habana, Salvador de Bahía, Dakar, Edimburgh and Tokio, playing with internationally well-known musicians.

Among others, he has worked with Al-Farabi, Polo Ortí, Pedro Guerra, Taburiente, Kike Perdomo, Eilidh Shaw, Ismaila Sane & Galaxy and Greg Lyons.

He is now the musical director of I+D Danza and the percussion group Adhâr Goma and amongst his next projects is the making of a new performance of I+D Danza, playing with ST Fusion, the jazz saxophonist Kike Perdomo and the cuban singer Angela Fragoso, the staging of the poetic and musical play trespuntocero3.0 and some concerts with Polo Ortí+Gary Burton+Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife.


Francis Hernández

Born in La Orotava, Spain.

At the age of 9 he started playing the trumpet in his home town and later he enrolled in the Conservatorio Superior de Música de S/C de Tenerife to have classical piano lessons.

In 1996 he attended an intensive course at the Berklee College of Music and, as a consequence, he developed an interest in other styles of music. From then on he participated in several seminars and courses about harmony and composition.

As an accompanist he has played with national and international artists and been a member of groups of very unlike styles: big band, latin jazz, fusion, swing, pop...

He is currently working on various musical projects –amongst others, he's playing with Troveros de Asieta, Arístides Moreno y Argelia Fragoso–, and is also the musical director of some canary television channel shows.


Stephen Irvine

Born in Northern Ireland, UK.

He began his tuba lessons with Ewan Easton in 1994. From then on, he has won numerous prizes, among others: the Brass Award and Concerto Award –both of Royal College of Music–, the Ian Fleming Award MBF, the Royal Overseas League Brass, the Croyden Concerto and the Guinness Brass Award in Dublin.

During his studies at the Royal College of Music in London, he performed as a supported musician with different orchestras, like London Philarmonic and Royal Liverpool Philarmonic.

He has played recitals as a soloist at St. Martin in the Fields, St. James Piccadilly and Hoffnung Exhibition in London, as well as at National Concert Hall in Dublin.

He was one of the first members of London Tuba Quartet and has also performed as a soloist in the World Youth Orchestra, in the National Musicians Symphony Orchestra and the Young London Philarmonic Orchestra.

Since 2003 he is principal tuba in the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife.


Nicolás Kovac

Born in Calovo, Slovakia.

He descends from a long generation of hungarian musicians. He studied violin in Bratislava, attended first Conservatory of Music and then Academy of Music and Performing Arts.

He has played with the Radio Bratislava Symphonic Orchestra and the Slovakian Chamber Orchestra.

Actually he is a member of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife, a violin professor at the Conservatorio Superior de Música de S/C de Tenerife and principal violin of the Cuarteto Capriccio.

Pablo Rodríguez

Born in Tijarafe, Spain.

He received his first violin lesson at the Escuela Insular de Música in La Palma, taking classes with Gonzalo Cabrera and Francisco Afonso, which is also his current professor. Pablo started to be attracted to jazz at the age of 12. On this style of music, he found enough impulse and motivation to reinforce his musical interests and confront the technical strains which are characteristics of the violin. In these last years he's been a student of Armando Cisneros and attended Royal School.

He has played concerts with the jazz guitarist Alexander Sputh (as a duo and as a member of Alexander Sputh Quartet) and realized collaborations, always as an accompanist, with different artists and groups, among others, Esther Ovejero, Miguel Pérez y Los Arrieros. In addition to this, he is an active member of the Aula de Música Moderna de la Escuela Insular de Música in La Palma.

Related to Ima Galguén, he is the principal violinist in her performances, both in and out of Canary Islands since 2001.


Naomi Barron

Born in London, Canada.

She began playing the cello at the age of 8 and at 17 left her native Canada to study on scholarship with George Neikrug at Boston University. After obtaining a Bachelor of Music in Performance, Naomi served as Graduate Teaching Assistant to Yehuda Hanani in the Artist Diploma Program at Cincinnati Conservatory and in 1997 completed a Master Degree at Rice University. In addition to her studies, she has been invited to participate in numerous festivals such as Tanglewood, Taos Summer Chamber Music Program, Sarasota Music Festival and the Aspen School of Music. Since 1998 Naomi was living and performing in Spain where she was co-principal cellist of the Orquesta Sinfónica de Tenerife.

She is an active chamber musician (member of the Armadillo String Quartet, in the past) and is currently cellist of the piano trio Trio Ancor, recently awarded Primer Premio as well as Premio Honorifico, by the jury and public respectively, at the VI Monserrat Alavedra Competition for Chamber Music in Barcelona, Spain.


A poet has no rivals,
neither in life or in destiny.
And when he cries out to the world,
it's not about you, but about himself!

He raises his fragile arms up to heaven,
he loses, drop by drop, life and strength;
he pines away, he asks forgiveness...
He doesn't do it for you, but for himself!

But when he reaches the end
and his soul takes flight in the darkness
— the field just crossed, the labour just concluded —,
you decide: for what and for who!

Either be the honey, or be the bitter cup,
either be the infernal fire, or be the temple...
All that was his, is yours now.
All is for you. Dedicated to you!

Dedicated to you!

The grapevine seed

I sow a vine seed into the warm land,
I kiss the vine and reap the ripe grapes,
I call together all my friends,
I tune my heart with the love...
Because if it was not so,
what do I live in this eternal world for?

Invitees of mine,
come together to my feast!
Tell me to my face, frankly,
what you think of me!
The celestial King will forgive my sins...
Because if it was not so,
what do I live in this eternal world for?

And then, in her dark-red dress,
my Dalia will sing for me,
and I, in black and white,
Will bow down to her with veneration
and listen deeply captivated,
and die of love and melancholy...
Because if it was not so,
what do I live in this eternal world for?

And when the sunset takes flight
sweeping all nooks, will march past me,
again and again, and in real: the blue buffalo,
the white eagle and the golden trout…
Because if it was not so,
what do I live in this eternal world for?

The ant

I must pray to somebody too...
Just imagine only this:
an ordinary ant felt suddenly the craving
of falling, humbly, at someone's feet
and believing in the charm of his own I.

Since then, serenity
abandoned the ant-man,
he thought his life was common
and monotonous
and created for himself a goddess
according to his own image
of charm and spirituality.

And at some moment of the seventh day,
without glory or celestial magic,
wearing a thin coat,
she appeared from the night light.

And forgetting everything, joys and sorrows,
he opened widely the doors of his home
and kissed, and kissed... the rough
and ruined hands of worker
and the old and tarnished shoes
which adorned her feet.

And their shadows rocked at the threshold
immersed in a dumb dialogue,
so beautiful and wise just like gods,
and so full of melancholy
like the beings of this world.


Tinged door of Hope,
sweet gait of Fortune.
Exhausted walker!
Among the losses
the discovery always hides.
It's not still clearly visible
but, believe me, it's waiting for you!
It's not still clearly visible
but, believe me, it's waiting for you!

The smile of a woman
unique and unrepeatable,
— united to you
with a raw, invisible thread —,
is protected from seduction
by her mysterious destiny,
is protected from seduction
by her mysterious destiny.

Other times will come
and other kind of stories
but it will be always as before,
as May, Hope and Nature,
as Life and Death
and the honey's smell...
And the cup is not drunk deep.

And the cup...
Is not drunk...


When I was young
my mother often told me
that I have to open my heart to love.
Apparently other times came...
Poor woman, how wrong she was!

Ah, today the beaux
only talk about riches!
The flames of the past loves
went out on them forever
And only one of them is,
himself, an angel incarnate.
But, where can one find him?
Where can one find him?

My soul is almost like wax
— docile, fine, ingenuous like a young birch.
My soul is generous, what's it to you? —.
Indeed, nobody dig.

Since my youth till now,
I've dreamt to find a friend
–just imagine!–, in every man...
Defenceless I present myself to you
then, why do you tread on my soul?

My soul is almost like wax
— docile, fine, ingenuous like a young birch.
My soul is generous, what's it to you? —.
Indeed, nobody dig.

Ah, today the beaux
only talk about riches!
The flames of the past loves
went out on them forever
And only one of them is,
himself, an angel incarnate.
But, where can one find him?
Where can one find him?

Three sisters

Please, lower the blue blinds!
Nurse, don't prepare any more drugs for me!
Here they are, near my bed, quiet,
my creditors: Vera, Nadezhda, Lyubov'.*

If only the son of this short century could disburse
but the empty wallets fall from his hands...
"Don't be sad, don't grieve, oh, my Vera,
you've still got quite a few more debtors!"

And I still say tender and sadly
while my lips are trapping her hands:
"Don't be sad, don't grieve, mother Nadezhda,
you've still got more sons on this world!"

I extend my empty hands towards Lyubov'.
Repentant, I listen to her voice:
"Don't be sad, don't grieve,
the memory doesn't cool down,
I gave all myself in your name!

Even though any hand caressed you
and burned you the celestial flame,
people's gossip paid off for you
threefold... In my presence, you're pure!”

Clean and pure, I lie at dawn,
like a white flag the sheet flows to the floor...
Three sisters, three judges, three woman of charity
open the last credit for me.

Three sisters, three judges of charity
open an unlimited credit for me.

Three sisters of charity:
Faith, Hope, Love.

• Three russian woman names
(daughters of Sophia-Wisdom):
Vera - Faith,
Nadezhda - Hope,
Lyubov' – Love

Love, War and Lie

The first love burns inside the heart.
The second love approaches the first.
And the third love...
the key trembles in the latch;
in the hand... the suitcase.

The first war is nobody's fault.
The second war is anybody's fault.
And the third war is only my fault
and my fault is recognizable to everybody.

The first lie is fog at dawn.
The second lie staggers in the drunkenness
And the third lie is darker than the night,
darker than the night
and more terrible than the war.

Fast the Youth leaves...

Fast the Youth leaves
robbing us the happy days.
What the destiny concedes us
comes true necessarily.
Either the most beautiful,
the most beautiful among everyone,
knocks on your window,
or the most useless,
the most useless among everyone,
falls over your arms.

Two lives aren't given to us.
Two fortunes are a vain whim.
Of two one falls down,
the Truth is this simple!
For somebody,
celestial trumpets play
farewell melodies,
to another one,
Fortune gives a smile
and he, happily, returns it.

Don’t make reserves
of love and goodness,
and foreseeing
the coming black day
don't skimp on charity.
It’s vainly lost
really in vain, this bitter effort;
and you'll get fresh wrinkles,
you'll get new wrinkles,
because of this barren labour.

Two lives aren't given to us.
Two fortunes are a vain whim.
Of two one falls down,
the Truth is this simple!
For somebody,
celestial trumpets play
farewell melodies,
to another one,
Fortune gives a smile
and he, happily, returns it.

What a pity
that the Youth hurries off!
What a shame
that the Eld be so short!
Now all is evident in the hand:
the sweaty forehead,
the soul full of bruises...
But, however, there will be
no more riddles or mistakes,
solely a flat track, only a flat track,
until the last call.

Two lives aren't given to us…

A wish for my friends

Let's rejoice and admire each other,
without fear of flowery words.
Let's compliment each other...
for these are all happy moments of love.

Let's grieve and cry openly,
together, separately, or one after the other.
We don't have to pay attention to gossip...
because sadness always borders on love.

Let's grasp each other with only half a word
so that we don't make the same mistakes again,
let's live tolerating each other everything,
Even more so because life is... so short!

We’ll still meet each other

Hope, with your white hand
play me something like this
so that the red ebbs from the face
so quick as a runaway horse.

Play me something like this,
which has no sadness, nor rest,
nor notes, nor keys, nor hands...
About that I am glum, they lie.

We've still to weep and laugh,
and not resign ourselves, not resign ourselves.
That slope has not been walked yet.
We'll still meet each other...

You play like this, you play in such a way,
as if you burn slowly.
But there's something in your fire
still unknown to me.

We've still to weep and laugh,
and not resign ourselves, not resign ourselves.
That slope has not been walked yet.
We'll still meet each other...

We'll still meet each other...

1. Poet
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Harp Angelika Profeta
Guitar Charly Daicz
Violoncello Naomi Barron
Violin Pablo Rodríguez
Percussion José Pedro Pérez

* Music Elena Orlowa

2. The grapevine seed
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Background Vocals** María Padrón
Michael Högl
Tomás Rodríguez
Harp Angelika Profeta
Guitar & Lute Charly Daicz
Violin Pablo Rodríguez

** Recorded at Calabazo Records,
La Palma, Spain.

3. The ant
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Guitar Charly Daicz
Harp Angelika Profeta
Violoncello Naomi Barron
Violin Pablo Rodríguez

4. Hope
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Harp Angelika Profeta
Guitar Charly Daicz
Violin Pablo Rodríguez
Violoncello Naomi Barron
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet** Tara Bouman

* Music Isaak Schawarz
** Recorded Studio Rosenhof,
Cologne, Germany.

5. Romanza
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Guitar Charly Daicz
Violoncello Naomi Barron
Violin Pablo Rodríguez
Clarinet, Bass Clarinet** Tara Bouman

* Music Isaak Schawarz
** Recorded at Studio Rosenhof,
Cologne, Germany.

6. Three sisters
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Guitar Charly Daicz
Violoncello Naomi Barron
Violin Pablo Rodríguez
Percussion José Pedro Pérez

7. Love, War and Lie
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Guitar Charly Daicz
Violin 1 Nicolás Kovac
Violin 2 Pablo Rodríguez
Percussion José Pedro Pérez
Handclaps Martín García Leiton

8. Fast the Youth leaves
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Guitar Charly Daicz
Double Bass José C. Machado
Piano Francis Hernández
Clarinet Pier-Luigi Bernard
Percussion José Pedro Pérez

9. A wish for my friends
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Guitar Charly Daicz
Tuba Stephen Irvine
Piano Francis Hernández

10. We’ll still meet each other
Vocals Elena Orlowa
Guitar Charly Daicz
Piano Francis Hernández
Violin Pablo Rodríguez
Flugelhorn** Markus Stockhausen

** Recorded at Studio Rosenhof,
Cologne, Germany.

Semilla de vid

Production Elena Orlowa
Lyrics & Music* Bulat Okudzhava
Arrangement Elena Orlowa
Mixing and Kike Perdomo
Mastering Estudio El Cuartito,
Tenerife, España

CD Design Elena Orlowa
Tomás Rodríguez
into English Tomás Rodríguez
corrections Michelle Kucis

Web Design Elena Orlowa Jochen Hilmer
Tomás Rodríguez
Web Production Jochen Hilmer
Illustrations Tomás Rodríguez

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